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Underwriters Laboratories is the most prestigious and globally recognized entity, expert in test and security certifications. With more than 100 years of existence, UL has certified that our vault meets and exceeds the standards of the highest shielding against gaps worldwide.

Global Risk evaluaciones Limited (known in the insurance market as GREvL) offers a range of consulting in risk management services.

Combining operational and first-hand management experience with an analytical model to identify and evaluate the risks.

Israeli company that specializes in providing consulting services for the design and implementation of overall security and data security solutions.
The entrepreneur who created the safest place of Mexico.
To enter you need a biometric identification. Inside the building, with no more than 6 floors, we can see a floating vault with steel walls. Not likely, but that property houses an impenetrable space.
10 tips of security that are shared by the safest company of Mexico.
In an interview with De10.mx Max Cukiert, CEO of StrongMax, shows us the unique floating vault of security in Mexican territory.
Save what you most appreciate in the right box.
Safe-deposit boxes renting allows you to obtain the highest level of security and confidentiality for your belongings, avoiding the risk of having them at home.
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Save what you most appreciate… in a vault.
If you wish to invest in the security of your great monetary and personal value objects through the rent of a vault, find out what features do the safes have in central banks of the world.
Save in this vault everything you can think of… well, almost everything.
In these boxes you can place besides money, photos, old documents, wills, stamp collections or any object that has a value for you
The security boxes return.
The documents, information backups and valuable objects can’t be unattended inside the offices of a SME
They serve a backup business.
Now, the storage of items in security boxes service is offered by companies that are specialized in the abandonment of this business by the banks, said Max Cukiert, general director of StrongMax.
The safe box, the safest and oldest bank.
We must make available for anyone the possibility of protecting their most cherished goods and, above all, make the costumer feel that he is in a bank whose objective is the original.
They "steal" the loot from robbers with safes.
Figures from the General Attorney of Justice from the Federal District (PGJDF) reveal that in the first half of the year, burglaries and robberies to businesses increased in 29% and 36.89% respectively in the capital of the country and in which the owners lost from cash and jewellery to storage devices such as USB or hard drives with private information.

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