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What reasons are there to rent a private security box or deposit box, for the safekeeping of valuables?

In a StrongMax ® private security box, your properties are protected from theft, fires, torrential rains, floods, misplacement or prying eyes at home or office.

  • It’s an effective and economic way to keep your valuables in a private and safe environment.

  • You’ll know where your important documents or belongings are so you don’t forget where you saved them.

  • Your family will know where to find your items and important papers.

If I already have a safe, why would I want to rent a security box in StrongMax® Security Boxes Renting?

The vault of StrongMax® is physically impossible to be penetrated and has also protection against fire, flood, landslide and other environments damage. One additional reason is to have the objects or valuable documents, out of your home or office, in a completely private place where nobody besides you know that you own a box.


What makes StrongMax® security so special?

Our vault has the highest level of shielding in the world, certified by UL. It is also protected, guarded and monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with the most advanced and sophisticated electronic systems, cameras, sensors and alarms. In StrongMax® you have the confidence of the strict security protocols implemented by SETER Security Consulting, a consulting company from Israel, experts in security, that provides its services to important companies, and to the Israeli Ministry of Defense.


Who is UL, and what does it certify?

Underwriters Laboratories. UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is the most prestigious and globally recognized entity, experts in security tests and certifications. With more than 100 years of existence, UL has certified that our vault meet and exceed worldwide standards of maximum shielding.


What are the differences between the private security boxes from StrongMax® and the bank security boxes?

Strong Max features:
a. The access to Deposit Boxes in StrongMax ® is more protected than any bank in Mexico)
b. Our vault has the highest level of security
c. StrongMax ® does not request other services to access its Private Security Boxes, investments, or average balance.
d. Our service hours are broader than any other bank and we open the 365 days of the year, additionally we offer a discrete access to our facilities.
e. When renting a Private Security Box in StrongMax ® you have an absolute privacy that anybody else can offer. You are the only one that knows what is inside the box!


Will StrongMax® staff have access to my Private Security Box?

No. The unique key to open every deposit box, is on client’s hands and our staff doesn’t have copies of that key. In addition, our staff has limited access to the vault, avoiding their approximation to clients’ boxes. Additionally, if somebody tries to open a safe that does not belong to him our alarm protocols activates immediately.

Why to trust in StrongMax®?

StrongMax® is the only company in Mexico authorised by the SSPDF to offer the service of Deposit Boxes Renting. . Our operative staff goes through strict selection processes and confidence control tests before being hired and periodically. We have the safest vault in Mexico, certified by UL.

What can I save in my security box?

What you can save is so varied, either by their economic value, or by their personal value, some suggestions are:
· Cash
· Jewellery 
· Clocks
· Cash
· Stones or precious metals
· Bearer documents, stocks, bonds
· Confidential documents
· Disks or computer memories
· Scriptures, property titles, constitutive Acts or powers of attorney-
· Certificates and academic titles.
· Family photos, negatives and old documents.
· Records of marriage, birth, etc.
· Wills.
· Collections of stamps or coins.
· Insurance policies.
· Documents or valuable items.
· Any irreplaceable or so hard to replace document or item.

Are there items that are banned from being saved in my StrongMax® security box?

Yes. The following is a general guide of what you must not enter in your StrongMax® deposit box: 
· Perishable products that require refrigeration (fruits, vegetables, meats, etc.)
· Any liquid susceptible of spilling.
· Substances susceptible of emitting foul odours or toxic fumes. 
· Volatile substances (alcohol, ether, thinner, etc.) or highly combustible substances (gasoline, alcohol, lighter gas, etc.)
· Corrosive substances (acids, caustics, halogens, etc.)
· Illicit substances (drugs, narcotics, psychotropic, etc.)
· Stolen items, money or valuables of illegal origin. 
· Any item that by their nature could pose a risk to StrongMax® facilities and furniture, to its clients’ belongings or to the health or physic integrity of those who work in StrongMax® or are visiting its facilities. 

What if I need to keep or remove something of my StrongMax® valuables safekeeping deposit box but I cannot do that personally?

In your deposit box renting contract you can designate two authorized persons that will be able to access your StrongMax® security box.

What if I need to keep or remove something of my StrongMax® valuables safekeeping deposit box out of opening times?

For your own safety, you’ll have to wait for our branch to be opened to the public. Anyway, as we open 365 days a year and our times are broad, it’s almost sure that you will have access to your StrongMax® box anytime you want.


For inquiries, questions or comments please call (55)5203-6000 or fill out the form below.

(55) 5203-6000

You can go to our offices with absolute tranquillity. Our branch office is discrete and cares about the privacy of our clients.


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